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DigiBiomarkers Moves to Final Round of the Indiana Inject Tech Challenge

October 05, 2018

BioCrossroads announces DigiBiomarkers as a finalist in the inaugural Indiana Inject Tech Challenge. 

Bharath Bynagari and Cian O'Donnell will be representing DigiBiomarkers at the Indiana Life Sciences Summit as finalists in the inaugural Indiana Inject Tech Challenge. 

Three teams have made it to the finals of this competition, where teams working in healthcare technology are rewarded for enabling better patient health outcomes.  

The Inject Tech challenge is catalyzing the creation of new, disruptive solutions designed to improve patient outcomes. The winners will be announced on Oct. 9 at the Indiana Life Sciences Summit with first place receiving $10,000 in prize money.

See the announcement here:  https://www.biocrossroads.com/biocrossroads-announces-new-venture-competition-and-inject-tech-challenge-finalists/



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