About Us

DigiBio is focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical trials and enabling researchers to collect quality, objective data from trial participants. Through our simple to use application platform, clinical trials may be rapidly designed and deployed. Our patient-facing smartphone application keeps trial participants engaged while collecting meaningful data that may be predictive of patient outcomes and improved health.

Through its uniquely architected platform, DigiBio accelerates the pace of research and enable clinicians to capitalize on a new wave of research innovation.

DigiBio was first conceived in mid 2016. Based upon discussions with Indiana Biosciences Research Institutes (IBRI) and BioPharma companies desire to have a platform to capture digital data directly from individuals for research. Bharath Bynagari based on his Healthcare IT experience, envisioned a platform that could efficiently capture data from an unlimited number of clinical trials and be easily adapted to new clinical protocols or use-cases.

This innovative platform has been created in cooperation between MavenSphere, Inc., and Indiana Biosciences Research Institute.

Digital biomarkers will change the way we view patient health. Bharath Bynagari founded DigiBio with the goal of empowering researchers and physicians fromall therapeutic areas to take advantage of the emerging importance of digital biomarkers in healthcare. While decreasing the cost and improving the efficiency of clinical trials, DigiBio enables the appropriate digital data to be validated as predictive of a person’s health state or response to an intervention in diverse therapeutic areas.

Leadership and Research Team

Bharath B. Reddy Bynagari, M.S.


David Brocker, MS, MBA, Chief Innovation Officer, Purdue University
Daniel H. Robertson, Research Fellow and Vice-President of Digital Technology, IBRI
Cian O’Donnell, Digital Consultant, IBRI
Mark Andersen, CFO, IBRI

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